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County and Senatorial District Conventions (and Precinct Caucuses)

Note: In 2014, there will not be precinct level conventions on Tuesday night after the Primary Election. Instead, Democrats will start the convention process at the County and Senatorial District Convention where precinct attendees will caucus by precinct.

Any Democrat in Texas who is registered to vote and has taken an oath of affiliation or has voted in the Democratic Primary is eligible to attend and participate in their County or Senatorial District Convention.

This convention is the first step in becoming a Delegate to the Democratic State Convention (and in Presidential Election years, to be a delegate to the National Democratic Convention).

In 2014, pre-registration to attend the Convention begins on January 2, 2014 by filling out an online form on the Texas Democratic Party website. When doing so, a person will affirm they are a Democrat (and/or when voting in the Democratic Primary you affirm you are a Democrat).

On Saturday, March 22, 2014 there will be a county level convention held. In counties where there are more than one state senatorial district, each senatorial district within the county will also hold a convention that day. The time and location of these conventions are set at the January 2014 meeting of each county/senatorial convention executive committee.

At your convention there will be activities to organize the convention, elect officers and appoint convention committees. The Convention performs its work through committees on Credentials, Rules, Nominations, and Resolutions with the Convention ratifying these committee reports.

After the initial organization, the attendees caucus by precinct groups. At this time, each precinct elects Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention. Each precinct is allocated a delegate and alternate for each full 300 votes the precinct cast for the Democratic nominee for Governor in 2010. Those precincts which had less than 300 votes cast are grouped together in clusters to allow these smaller precincts to elect delegates and alternates. All unallocated Delegates and Alternates that are unfilled after the precinct caucuses are determined by a Nominations Committee and ratified by the County or Senatorial Convention.

The County and Senatorial Conventions adopt their reports and adopt resolutions that are forwarded to the State Democratic Convention and become the basis of developing our Party Platform.

Texas Democratic Party State Convention

Our State Convention will be held Thursday, June 26 through Saturday, June 28, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

The convention is composed of the Delegates and Alternates elected from each County and Senatorial District Convention. All County Chairs, SDEC members and Democratic National Committee members are automatic delegates with full voting privileges. At the State Convention, delegates organize by Senate Districts.

On Friday afternoon, each Senate District caucuses and elects a member to the standing Committees on Credentials, Nominations, Rules, Platform and Resolutions. The State Chair names two members and a Chair to each Committee. The caucus also makes a recommendation of a man and woman to serve on the State Executive Committee.

Friday evening, the Convention is officially organized and elects its officers. Following the program, committees are ordered to begin their work on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, as each committee makes its report and the Delegates ratify them, the convention will elect a Party Chair, two Vice Chairs, a Treasurer and a Secretary, ratify any new Rules, and the Platform and various Resolutions will be adopted.

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