·   By Gilberto Hinojosa

It's National Voter Registration Day!

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Today is National Voter Registration Day and it is up to us to get more folks voting. Since the primary, over 600,000 Texans have registered to vote, but we need to ensure that every voice is heard this election.  

That's why I got deputized to register voters this past weekend. I know the future of our country depends on getting every eligible Democrat registered and out to vote. Texas families are counting on Texas Democrats to get the job done.

Voting is the most powerful tool we have in our democracy, but the deadline to register is coming up quick. The Texas voter registration deadline for the 2016 election is October 11 -- and early voting is less than a month away.

That is why I personally want to challenge you to ask 5 friends if they are registered to vote and if they aren't registered to vote, tell them to visit MyTexasVotes.org to get registered. No Democratic voice should go unheard during this presidential election.

We’re committed to making sure every Texas Democrat is able to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and for Democrats up and down the ballot, but we need your help to get this done.

Will you step up and ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they are registered to vote?



Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair, Texas Democratic Party

The Federal Elections Commission must launch a full investigation into Ted Cruz’s shady campaign:

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Here’s the truth about Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz will lie, cheat, or say anything to get elected.

It appears his crooked double dealing has festered across his entire political campaign team.

Ted Cruz’s campaign broke federal election campaign laws by soliciting donations that exceed federal limits -- asking for both unlimited contributions and contributions from corporations -- to a Super PAC. This is against the law.

This is the exact kind of corporate corruption Democrats fight against every day. That’s why we filed a complaint against Ted Cruz with the Federal Election Commission for breaking campaign finance law.

We’re asking you today to take a stand against Republican greed. Click here to add your name to our official list of Texans who think the Federal Elections Commission should investigate Ted Cruz and his campaign:

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The FEC should immediately investigate the full scope of Cruz’s violations, seek the maximum financial penalties, and enjoin future violations of the law. Cruz must face the consequences.

Hard working families who are worried about paying the mortgage, how they’ll send their children to college, or whether Republicans like Ted Cruz will slash their earned Social Security and Medicare benefits deserve leaders who will lead the charge in the fight against the influence of money in politics.

Add your name and say you support a full investigation by the Federal Elections Commission into Ted Cruz’s shady campaign:


We’ll keep you updated,

Manny Garcia
Deputy Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party

P.S. Click here to read our complaint against Ted Cruz to the Federal Elections Commission.

A year ago, we started investing locally in the future of Texas, because we know that electing new Democratic leadership on city councils and school boards will help us deliver the solutions Texas families are looking for.

That’s why we’ve tripled the number of local candidates we’re supporting this year. Unseating Tea Party Republicans in these races is our top priority, but we need your help to get these Democrats elected.

We must be able to provide the training, tools and guidance our local Democratic champions until the final moment. Will you commit to a $25 donation right now before our final Sunday deadline?

Our candidates are small business owners, fierce community leaders, retired teachers, and veterans.

These are the folks who can push back against Tea Party attacks in our local communities -- from advocating for our children’s schools to making sure potholes get fixed.

We must defeat Republicans at the local, state and national level. That’s why our local candidates are counting on you to back them up during this critical final push before Election Day on May 7.

This is our next big opportunity to elect more Democrats to office, and we need your help to get these Democrats elected and defeat the Tea Partiers controlling our school boards and city councils.

We must win in local races. Can you chip in $25 before our Sunday deadline:


Thank you,

Crystal Kay Perkins
Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party

Another Year, Another Equal Pay Day.

If you’re tired of women being paid less than men for the same job, call Gov. Greg Abbott’s office today. Click the button to call Abbott and let him know:


Then take a minute to let us know how the call went. Click here to report back on what Gov. Abbott had to say.


Every year, we write to you on Equal Pay Day -- the day each spring when women’s incomes finally catch up to what men made the previous year. Every year, we wonder if Texas Republicans will finally do something to help hardworking moms and their families get ahead.

There is nothing complicated about equal pay for equal work.

That’s why we need you to give Gov. Greg Abbott call. It'll only take a minute -- here's how it works:

  1. Call Gov. Greg Abbott: (512) 463-1826
  2. Tell him, “Texas should be a level playing field with a fair shot for every man and woman who works hard. Texas’ daughters deserve to be paid the same amount as Texas’ sons.”
  3. Then let us know how the call went here: http://act.txdemocrats.org/CallAbbott

Closing the wage gap can’t wait, so make sure to call Abbott today.

Let’s commit to building an economy that works for everybody by calling Gov. Abbott’s office and demanding equal pay for equal work. Because when women succeed, our families succeed:

(512) 463-1826

Thank you for all that you do. I know that if we stand strong and stick together, we can make a difference.

Brittany Switzer
Digital Director, Texas Democratic Party

P.S. Once women receive equal pay for equal work, Equal Pay Day will be a thing of the past. But we need strong Democrats like you to call Gov. Abbott’s office and demand change to make it happen. Give him a call today at (512) 463-1826.

P.P.S. While you're on the line, ask Gov. Abbott to call for indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton's resignation.

Add your name if you think it’s time Republicans get to work and confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee:

Do your job

Every day, you get up and do your job. Yesterday, President Obama did his job and announced Judge Merrick Garland as his nominee to become our next Supreme Court justice. If you think it’s time Republicans to do their job and get to work to confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, add your name >>

The Constitution dictates that the President nominate an appointee and that the Senate do its job to consider the nominee. It is a constitutional obligation. President Obama has honored our constitution and did his job.

Americans expect and deserve nothing less.

We’re sick and tired of Republicans acting like children every time President Obama does his job. If Republicans would just get to work, like every other Texas family has to, our nation would be much better off.

With so much on the line, we need Republican senators to do their job too and give fair consideration to President Obama's nominee.

So add your name to send Republicans the message that it's time for them to do their jobs and confirm Judge Garland:

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Manny Garcia
Deputy Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party