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Become a Texas Legislative Activist

This 86th Legislative Session, Texas Democrats around the state are holding their elected officials accountable, fighting against legislation that is toxic to their communities, and letting voters know what actions their Legislators are taking.

Texas Democrats are already gearing up for the 2020 General Election, by organizing volunteer teams in House Districts across the state. Join the fight and send a message to Republicans: Democrats are more engaged than ever before, and we will be heard by our legislators and at the ballot box in 2020.

This 86th Legislative Session, Texas Democrats are:

  • Building, training, and engaging volunteer organizing teams in House Districts across the state;
  • Empowering activists to hold Republicans accountable and supporting Democratic policy priorities during the legislative session; and
  • Laying the groundwork for an aggressive 2020 campaign effort.


Take action today:

Texas’ 86th Legislative Session is our opportunity to exert our collective power as Democrats. Flex your Democratic muscle and take action to support Democratic priorities and oppose Republican attacks on working families.

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Let’s end the Tampon Tax and Diaper Tax
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Stop Senate Bill 9: Protect Voting Rights
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Stop Anti-LGBT Discrimination
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Stop Attacks on Women’s Rights
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Keep Guns out of Texas Schools
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Stop Attacks on Local Labor Ordinances
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Support Medicaid Expansion Bills
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Texas Legislative Activist

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