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Request VAN access

How can I get access to VAN?

Request an account here. Our data team will follow up with you via email within a couple of days.

What is VAN?

The Texas Democratic Party maintains an online voter file, the Texas VAN (Voter Activation Network), to empower campaigns and activists with the tools they need to Turn Texas Blue. The VAN is an online database that allows us to organize information about voters and volunteers to ensure we’re targeting the right voters and turning them out to vote. It makes campaigns more efficient and effective and allows campaigns and activists to track their projects and successes.

This powerful database allows Democrats to ensure that our communities are registered to vote and allows us to encourage everyone to make it to the ballot box—no matter where you live in Texas.

We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure this data is current, and we are always adding more information with the help of our Texas and national partners. Voter data from every county in the state is in the VAN, like voter registration information and vote history as far back as 1992, including Primary and General Elections. It is supplemented with run-off elections, special elections, and constitutional elections.

Access to the voter file is free for Democratic Party leaders and is provided at a small cost to candidates for office who run as Democrats.

Have questions? Please call our (512) 478-9800 or email [email protected].

Who Has Access to VAN?

Campaigns, county parties, and Democratic clubs and organizations.

How can I get trained on how to use VAN?

The Texas Democratic Party offers regular trainings on how to use the VAN. Please call our us at (512) 478-9800 or email [email protected] for more information.

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