·   By Gilberto Hinojosa

Abbott's Mess

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is about to give his State of the State. One thing we won't hear from him, the Texas economy has sunk from 3rd in the nation to 21st under his watch.

Instead of fighting for hard working Texans and fixing his mess, Abbott cowers to Trump Republicans and their full-fledged assault on our families:

  1. In his first hours, Trump ripped away our families’ fair shot at the American dream and nabbed thousands of dollars from the pockets of working families looking to own a home.
  2. Republican Dan Patrick’s budget will raise your property taxes. His warpath to destroy our children’s education and family's healthcare means our families foot the bill.
  3. Trump announced a 20% tax that Americans will pay on Mexican goods to pay for his un-American border wall. Texas would be hit the hardest by this foolish Trump Tax. Jobs are at risk. Americans will get stuck paying more for groceries and everyday items.
  4. Trump Republicans are trying to rip our families apart with Trump’s Muslim Ban and Dan Patrick’s bill to draft Trump's deportation force.
  5. If that wasn’t enough, Republicans wants Texas’ economy to take another $8.5 billion dollar hit and 185,000 job loss because of their obsession with bathrooms.

In contrast, the Texas Democratic agenda is simple: a fair shot for all. We’re making sure the traffic lights run on time, your children go to quality neighborhood schools, and our economy works for everybody.

We will block Trump Republicans from hurting our families and our economy at every turn. Americans are rising up, and we have the opportunity of a lifetime to take back our state.

But, we need you.

Today is our first critical end-of-month deadline of the 2018 cycle. When you donate, you’re not only standing with us against Trump’s hate -- you're giving our team the absolutely crucial resources we need to train, organize, and elect more Democrats at every level.

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Let’s get em,

Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair, Texas Democratic Party

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