·   By Gilberto Hinojosa

Did you see these headlines from across our state and the nation?

Did you see these headlines from across our state and the nation?

Something stinks in the White House. Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey just as the investigations into Russia were ramping up raise so many more questions about Trump and Russia.

The president is not being truthful about the reason for this firing. Americans deserve the truth.

If Trump is going to continue covering up what really happened, it is time for Republicans to read the headlines and join Democrats in calling for an independent investigation into Trump’s Russian ties.

Thousands of Americans have signed on to demand a special prosecutor and independent commission oversee investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia. Add your name to this urgent petition if you agree that we need an independent investigation, free from politics:
demand an investigation

The evidence is mounting, a foreign government interfered in our democracy, and Trump’s campaign was in on it. Our nation can’t afford another week of these headlines. It’s time for the truth to come to light.

Every congressional leader should be immediately calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor and a bipartisan, independent commission. Anything less allows the political cover-up to continue.

The American people deserve a thorough and honest investigation into how far the White House is compromised. Add your name right now, if you agree:

Americans deserve the truth,

Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair, Texas Democratic Party

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