·   By Gilberto Hinojosa

It's National Voter Registration Day!

get registered today

Today is National Voter Registration Day and it is up to us to get more folks voting. Since the primary, over 600,000 Texans have registered to vote, but we need to ensure that every voice is heard this election.  

That's why I got deputized to register voters this past weekend. I know the future of our country depends on getting every eligible Democrat registered and out to vote. Texas families are counting on Texas Democrats to get the job done.

Voting is the most powerful tool we have in our democracy, but the deadline to register is coming up quick. The Texas voter registration deadline for the 2016 election is October 11 -- and early voting is less than a month away.

That is why I personally want to challenge you to ask 5 friends if they are registered to vote and if they aren't registered to vote, tell them to visit to get registered. No Democratic voice should go unheard during this presidential election.

We’re committed to making sure every Texas Democrat is able to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and for Democrats up and down the ballot, but we need your help to get this done.

Will you step up and ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they are registered to vote?


Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair, Texas Democratic Party

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