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It's Time to Change the Way Texans Feel about Voting

It's Time to Change the Way Texans Feel about Voting

It's time to change the way Texans feel about voting -- one of the most sacred duties in our democracy.

There's an election in Texas on November 5th, 2013. Monday October 7th, 2013, is the last day to register to vote for this election.

November Election:

Put it in your calendar right now to vote on November 5 this year. And make sure you share information about this election in your community.

In November, Texans will vote on amendments to the Texas constitution -- amendments previously passed by the Texas legislature, like providing tax exceptions for the family members of our military heroes, and setting priorities for how Texas funds projects that provide water to rural Texas communities. Plus, there’s a special election in House District 50 in Travis County.

The Texas Democratic Party doesn't take an official position on these amendments to our constitution, but we do encourage you to vote -- and make sure everyone you know is registered to vote too!

Read more about the constitutional amendments (page 5):

Register to Vote:

Texas is dead last in voter turnout at the polls in this country, and Republicans have worked to make it even harder for voters by passing laws that require Texas voters to show photo identification at polling places in order to vote.

If you know someone who isn't registered to vote, or if you need to update your address, use this form:

Our low participation in elections means that in many places we're not represented by elected officials who fight for our families and our values. Texas isn't a red state -- it's a non-voting state. And the Texas Democratic Party pledges to dedicate as many resources as possible to change that by 2014.

Voter ID:

Republicans have implemented new laws that require Texas voters to show photo identification at polling places in order to vote.

Rick Perry and the Republican Party in Texas want to make it harder for Texans to vote. As Democrats, it is time to stand up against these discriminatory policies that suppress Texans’ right to vote.

Texas Republicans worked to enforce unfair voter ID requirements because they insisted voter fraud was an issue in Texas. These justifications are false and discriminatory towards all Texans. Republicans have forced an undue hardship on all Texans who wish to express their right to vote.

Facts you need to know:

WHO: All registered Texas voters must show a valid form of photo ID in order to cast a vote.

WHAT: A voter must show a current photo ID at a polling place or the voter will be forced to cast a provisional ballot.

WHERE: If a voter does not have a valid photo ID, he or she must apply for a free  Election Identification Certificate (EIC) from the Texas Department of Public Safety at a local Drivers License Office.

WHEN: The new photo ID requirement is in effect immediately

Read more about Voter ID here or call 1 (866) OUR-VOTE for help getting registered:

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