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Meet Justice Gina Benavides

Meet Gina Benavides of McAllen, Texas. She's running for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court. Meet Gina Benavidez

Elected to the bench in 2007 and re-elected in 2012, Judge Benavides serves on the Texas Thirteenth District Court of Appeals.

Justice Benavides has been recognized numerous times for her service to the court and the great state of Texas. During her first term in office, she authored over 530 opinions, and was recognized as the "Latina Judge of the Year" by the National Hispanic Bar Association after her first year in office. She's active in the National Association of Women Judges and is currently chair-elect of the Texas Center.

Why is she running? She explained to us that the "Supreme Court of Texas is the court of last resort for civil matters in our state and the last place Texans turn to for justice." As a Justice of the Texas Supreme Court her focus will be to "bring balance, perspective and high ethical standard to the court. The people of Texas deserve to have a Justice that rules with fairness and integrity.”

Justice Benavides' commitment to justice in Texas is so strong, she also served as chair of the board for the Texas Center for the Judiciary, where she helped implement legal education programs for judges and justices of the peace throughout Texas. With Justice Benavides' sterling credentials, she's an extraordinarily qualified candidate for this office. We look forward to electing her to the bench in 2014.

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