September 10, 2018/Blog

🚨 SD19 SPECIAL ELECTION | Our Movement Monday

In our series Our Movement Monday, we talk with Texas Democrats across our state about their work and the challenges facing their communities.

Alex Perkowski is a Field Organizer with the Pete Gallego for Texas Senate campaign. Previously, he interned for State Representative Diego Bernal and Mayor Ivy Taylor. He graduated from Trinity University in 2018.


Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Alex Perkowski! You’re the field organizer for Bexar County fighting for candidate Pete Gallego for SD19. With early voting for the emergency election currently underway, how can we get voters to get out and vote?

Alex Perkowski: We need everyone to make sure their friends, neighbors, and coworkers are aware of this special election. Having conversations with voters to let them know that there is an election, and then making sure they have all the information they need to cast their ballot is critical for this election. With everyone focused on November, we can’t sit back and let ignorance be bliss. Volunteer on a campaign, knock doors and make phone calls to reach as many people as possible.

What’s the most rewarding part of working on the Gallego’s team?

Alex Perkowski: Seeing how working hard can pay off. I am constantly humbled by the work and sacrifices made by every supporter and volunteer to make sure we elect Pete Gallego to Texas Senate. The opportunity to meet people everyday that are directly impacted by the work we do, and to see how we can better those efforts, has instilled in me a better sense of the importance of what we do.

How does Gallego’s core issues, such as education, veteran outreach, and economic growth, inspire all the hard work you do on a day-to-day basis?

Alex Perkowski: Every day I think about leaving early. I think about not making a phone call and instead sitting back. But I am reminded of the sacrifice given by veterans, like my grandfather, to protect and serve this country. These same veterans have their benefits cut and their dependents put at risk because those in power choose special interests over the health and welfare of their citizens. The sacrifices made by our teachers, who work long hours for low pay, who in Texas are at risk of losing the pensions and salaries they have earned. Teachers and veterans who serve our country every day, not for a paycheck, but to better our society. Hearing the stories of retired educators and veterans inspires me to keep pushing.

Senate district 19 is a very diverse area, could you tell us more about different groups and organizations you’ve been reaching out to?

Alex Perkowski: This district covers 17 counties, stretching from the New Mexico state line, to the Rio Grande. Over the course of the campaign, I have had the opportunity to speak with the organizers and leaders making a difference in communities across the district. It’s easy for Texas Democrats in the city, like me, to forget the importance of our rural and border communities. The organizers in those areas make a huge impact in affecting races all across the state.

Can you share the most inspiring story from a fellow constituent in the district?

Alex Perkowski: It’s hard to choose a specific part from a whole. Pete Gallego is so entrenched in the West Texas community that many voters have a story about how Pete Gallego helped them. Voters will tell us about how Pete helped write them a will, or secured funding for a safety railing or new school that wasn’t seen as possible before. These have a direct impact and help the community grow.

Where should people go to find their polling location for the SD 19 special election?

Alex Perkowski: is a great tool to discover your closest polling location. All you have to do is put in your address!


Early voting started today for the emergency Special Election in Senate District 19. Make sure you get out and go vote for Pete Gallego:

Early voting: Sept. 10
Election Day: Tuesday, Sept. 18