Tell the Senate GOP: Judge Garland deserves a confirmation vote ➜

Add your name if you think it’s time Republicans get to work and confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee:

Do your job

Every day, you get up and do your job. Yesterday, President Obama did his job and announced Judge Merrick Garland as his nominee to become our next Supreme Court justice. If you think it’s time Republicans to do their job and get to work to confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, add your name >>

The Constitution dictates that the President nominate an appointee and that the Senate do its job to consider the nominee. It is a constitutional obligation. President Obama has honored our constitution and did his job.

Americans expect and deserve nothing less.

We’re sick and tired of Republicans acting like children every time President Obama does his job. If Republicans would just get to work, like every other Texas family has to, our nation would be much better off.

With so much on the line, we need Republican senators to do their job too and give fair consideration to President Obama's nominee.

So add your name to send Republicans the message that it's time for them to do their jobs and confirm Judge Garland:

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Manny Garcia
Deputy Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party

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