The Federal Elections Commission must launch a full investigation into Ted Cruz:

The Federal Elections Commission must launch a full investigation into Ted Cruz’s shady campaign:

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Here’s the truth about Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz will lie, cheat, or say anything to get elected.

It appears his crooked double dealing has festered across his entire political campaign team.

Ted Cruz’s campaign broke federal election campaign laws by soliciting donations that exceed federal limits -- asking for both unlimited contributions and contributions from corporations -- to a Super PAC. This is against the law.

This is the exact kind of corporate corruption Democrats fight against every day. That’s why we filed a complaint against Ted Cruz with the Federal Election Commission for breaking campaign finance law.

We’re asking you today to take a stand against Republican greed. Click here to add your name to our official list of Texans who think the Federal Elections Commission should investigate Ted Cruz and his campaign:

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The FEC should immediately investigate the full scope of Cruz’s violations, seek the maximum financial penalties, and enjoin future violations of the law. Cruz must face the consequences.

Hard working families who are worried about paying the mortgage, how they’ll send their children to college, or whether Republicans like Ted Cruz will slash their earned Social Security and Medicare benefits deserve leaders who will lead the charge in the fight against the influence of money in politics.

Add your name and say you support a full investigation by the Federal Elections Commission into Ted Cruz’s shady campaign:

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Manny Garcia
Deputy Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party

P.S. Click here to read our complaint against Ted Cruz to the Federal Elections Commission.

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