·   By Emmanuel Garcia

Texas Republicans Finally Release Embarrassing Party Platform

Today the Republican Party of Texas finally released their party platform, and it’s worse than we thought. We can see why some Republicans are embarrassed by what this platform stands for.

Republicans will harm Texas families and shut down our economy by enforcing this platform. And the platform states every Republican is responsible for implementing this entire platform

Here are some of the worst things Texas Republicans are responsible for:

  • Claiming “reparative therapy” is effective and can “heal” Texans of their homosexual lifestyle

  • Denying LGBTQ parents the right to adopt or marry

  • Denying a woman’s right to choose, even in the case of rape or incest

  • Calling for the reduction of funds to all levels of Texas education

  • The repeal of the Voting Rights Act and opposing nondiscrimination laws to protect all Texans

  • The repeal of in state tuition for children of immigrants

  • Leaving no path for citizenship and calling for the deportation of Texas children and families

  • Repealing the minimum wage for Texas workers

  • Stating there is no conclusive evidence of climate change

  • Making it more difficult to register to vote  

Simply put, this platform is disgusting. It does not show any interest in Texans or share Texas values. This intolerance has no place here in Texas. Texans are better than this.

Thankfully, we have a solution to this problem -- electing more Texas Democrats to local, state and federal office. Help us be a part of the solution, and stop the Texas tea party hijacking common sense government for narrow-minded ideology. RIP GOP.

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