UPDATE: Local Elections

A year ago, we started investing locally in the future of Texas, because we know that electing new Democratic leadership on city councils and school boards will help us deliver the solutions Texas families are looking for.

That’s why we’ve tripled the number of local candidates we’re supporting this year. Unseating Tea Party Republicans in these races is our top priority, but we need your help to get these Democrats elected.

We must be able to provide the training, tools and guidance our local Democratic champions until the final moment. Will you commit to a $25 donation right now before our final Sunday deadline?

Our candidates are small business owners, fierce community leaders, retired teachers, and veterans.

These are the folks who can push back against Tea Party attacks in our local communities -- from advocating for our children’s schools to making sure potholes get fixed.

We must defeat Republicans at the local, state and national level. That’s why our local candidates are counting on you to back them up during this critical final push before Election Day on May 7.

This is our next big opportunity to elect more Democrats to office, and we need your help to get these Democrats elected and defeat the Tea Partiers controlling our school boards and city councils.

We must win in local races. Can you chip in $25 before our Sunday deadline:

Thank you,

Crystal Kay Perkins
Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party

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