May 10, 2018/Media, Press

By Sabotaging Healthcare, Trump Republicans Drive up Texas Uninsured Rate

New data released from Gallup and Sharecare show how Trump and Republicans’ health care sabotage has already left more Americans, especially Texans, uninsured.

According to the study, following Donald Trump’s election and Republican actions that are destabilizing the healthcare market, the Texas uninsured rate rose for the first time since its implementation.


  • Under the Affordable Care Act, Texas’ high uninsured rate was steadily declining. (From 27.0% down to 20.5%).

  • Since President Trump took office, the rate of uninsured Texans increased for the first time since the implementation of the ACA. (From 20.5% up to 22.1%)

  • Texas Republicans have refused to expand Medicaid and support the enrollment of Texans onto the ACA. So, despite strong gains under the Affordable Care Act, in 2017, Texas still had the highest rate of uninsured people for the 10th straight year.

Last month, Texas Republican AG Ken Paxton, along with 20 other Republican attorneys general, sued to stop the Affordable Care Act. Again.

How do Texans feel about healthcare?

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Trump Republicans are sabotaging healthcare and Texans are paying the price with their lives. It’s no coincidence that Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country, it is the direct result of vicious attacks by Texas Republicans.

“Trump Republicans, like Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton, are determined to strip healthcare away from 1,126,838 Texans. They have no real solutions and no respect for the grave consequences Texans are facing.

“There has never been a more important time to change leadership in Texas. Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. People’s lives are at stake. That’s why we’ve never stopped fighting to build on the progress made under the Affordable Care Act.”