February 5, 2018/Media, Press

ICYMI: Caught On-camera, Indicted Republican Ken Paxton’s Tactics To Withhold Information From The Public

Austin, TX– In case you missed it, Dallas Morning News Editorial Board published a story on how Indicted Texas Republican Ken Paxton’s team deceives media outlets and withholds information from the public. “We get that this news organization’s reporting on Paxton has been tough. That happens when an attorney general comes into office shadowed by criminal indictments and civil fraud allegations.” [Dallas Morning News, February 2, 2018]


  • “Ken Paxton’s thunderously misinformed spokesman (Rylander) turns public information act against Texans over petty grudge”

  • “…[Rylander] undermined a reputation lawyers in that office have built over many years for even-handed enforcement of the state’s open meetings and open records laws, no matter who happens to be attorney general.”

  • “[Rylander] sees the public information law as a weapon to use against reporters, or something to help settle scores. How petty. And possibly illegal.”

  • “The Dallas Morning News takes its responsibilities seriously, and demonstrates that in black and white each day. When it makes a mistake, it owns it. Texans are paying the salary of a man to represent their chief legal officer who can’t say the same. That’s an unconscionable disservice.”

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