February 7, 2018/Media, Press

Republican Governor Abbott’s Error Creates Costly Mistake For Local Election Workers

Austin, TX– In case you missed it, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign careless error in mailing out vote by mail applications created a costly mistake for local county election workers.


  • “Abbott’s campaign sent voters a number of mail-in ballot applications — his spokesman wouldn’t say how many — that didn’t have the primary-election box checked, as a partisan mailout typically would.” [San Antonio Express-News, February 4, 2018]

  • “Election supervisors can’t assume that the voters want a GOP primary ballot just because the application form includes Abbott’s campaign logo.”[San Antonio Express-News, February 4, 2018]

  • “Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign to register mail-in ballot applications for seniors ahead of the deadline is creating costly headaches for many county election officials.” [Texas Public Radio, February 6, 2018]

Why does this matter?