February 6, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrat Al Green Visited Deported Constituent And Is Fighting To Bring Him Back

Photo: Rachael Rodriguez, Associated Press

“If not for his place of birth, we would call him an American citizen who is all of the right things…This is the kind of citizen that we would admire.” – U.S. Rep. Al Green

Austin, TX — Texas Democrat Al Green (TX-9) flew to El Salvador to meet with Jose Escobar, a constituent in Green’s district who was deported after what Jose thought would be a routine check-in with immigration authorities. According to his family, Escobar has no criminal record and worked his way up from being a painter to a crew supervisor before being deported. [Associated Press, February 4, 2018]


Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:


“People that Trump Republicans boast about deporting are people like Jose Escobar. They have families here, they are members of our community, they pose no danger to us – and for many of them, this is the only place they’ve called home. It’s immoral and unjust to send these members of our communities back to countries they don’t know and where they face scarcity and violence.

“We’re proud of our Texas Democrats like Al Green who are fighting back against Trump’s deportation machine, while trying to fulfill the promise we made to the immigrant community. Texas Democrats know that we owe the American public a long-term, sustainable solution to the immigration debate.”

Additional Background:

  • Escobar now lives with relatives in a town that’s about a three-hour drive from San Salvador. He worries about the gang members who control the streets and often accost people who have recently returned from the U.S.”

  • “…their 3-year-old daughter, Carmen, stopped speaking for several weeks after Jose was deported, which a doctor told her could have been caused by the trauma of the deportation.”

  • “El Salvador is one of the most dangerous countries in North America, an impoverished nation of 6.4 million people with one of the highest homicide rates in the world.”

  • Another 200,000 people could be forced to return there because President Donald Trump’s administration announced it would end a temporary visa program for Salvadorans.