February 5, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrats On The Last Day To Register To Vote for March Primary

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on the last day to register to vote for the March primary election.

“It’s time to register to vote! Texas is a single digit state and Democrats can’t afford to sit back and ride the blue wave. We have to build it up.

“We have to fight back and stand for something. That’s why this primary election, Texas Democrats have proposed a new Texas Bill of Rights’ which focuses on the kitchen-table issues and everyday challenges facing families today. This primary, each Democrat across the state has an opportunity to make their voice heard on the candidates and values of our party.

“While Republicans have made it harder to vote, it’s on us, as Democrats, to make sure our friends and family members are registered and their information is up to date. Thankfully, Texas Democrats have an incredible online resource for all voting information, MyTexasVotes.com.

“Texas Democrats are already making history in 2018. We set a new record for the number of candidates running for Congress, Texas House, and Texas Senate in modern history. Our jobs are not over, Texas Democrats have to get out the vote this primary election and make sure everyone is registered today.”