April 12, 2018/Media, Press

The Results Are In, Texans Have Had Enough of Yosemite Sid

Austin, TX — The Austin American-Statesman first reported that Texas Republican Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller appointed a “former physician and Miller campaign donor who had his medical license revoked or suspended in three states” to serve on his Rural Health Task Force.  [Austin American-Statesman, April 6, 2018

Since then, the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board blasted Miller and touted Texas Democrat Kim Olson to be next in line to replace him.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texans deserve better than Yosemite Sid, time and time again, Trump Republicans like Sid Miller and Greg Abbott have shown us that they prioritize keeping their donors happy rather than find solutions for Texas families.

“It’s time we elect leaders with integrity and respect for our democracy. Thankfully, Texans can count on Kim Olson, a military veteran, and farmer who’s focused on the real issues in Texas Agriculture, not selling our government to the highest bidder.”

Additional Background on Sid Miller’s donor-turned-appointee:

  • “Redalen, who refers to himself as “The Maverick Doctor,” had his medical license suspended in Iowa shortly after marrying his teenage former stepdaughter in Tarrant County during a trip to Texas in 1988…”

  • “In 1986, Redalen had pled guilty to assault for allegedly hitting his wife with the butt of a rifle and aiming a gun at law enforcement, according to newspaper reports.”

  • “After his return to Iowa following the 1988 marriage, Redalen was convicted of perjury for lying about his wife’s whereabouts, and his license was suspended. His medical license there was later revoked for failing to report a malpractice suit, according to news reports.”

  • “In the 1990s, his license was revoked in Minnesota for “psychiatric and drug problems” and in Louisiana for alcohol and drug abuse, according to news reports.”

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