May 16, 2018/Media, Press

What Ted Cruz didn’t mention in the Senate Hearing… This may sound familiar.

Today, Christopher Wylie, testified before the United Senate. Wylie was the research director who spilled secrets about the Cambridge Analytica, which worked on political campaigns for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and improperly harvested Facebook user data.

Texas Republican Ted Cruz failed to mention a few important details (Again):

  1. Ted Cruz did not reveal his deep ties with Cambridge Analytica. The entire scandal is actually about work they first did for him, not just the Trump campaign. Click here to remember how Cruz exploited your data.

  2. Ted Cruz did not ask a single question about Cambridge Analytica. Instead, he grilled Wylie and the panel on whether technology companies are politically biased. Click here if that sounds familiar.

  3. Ted Cruz did not disclose what actions he took after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica stole private information of American citizens to benefit his campaign. (Sorry not much to cite here. He’s only given legal word salad on this.)

“Cruz, facing reelection in November, has come under attack from Texas Democrats over his ties to Mercer and Cambridge Analytica.” (Well that’s a bit of an understatement…)

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement (This may sound familiar):

“Once again, Ted Cruz showed the world he’ll say anything to avoid accountability and cling to power. Texans need someone with integrity in their corner, but Cruz would rather crawl over broken glass to protect his billionaire donors like Robert Mercer. It’s no wonder why people don’t like Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz didn’t utter a word about his deep ties with Cambridge Analytica and how he spent millions to exploit users personal data in a failed attempt to get you to like him. Just like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has violated the public trust.”

Here’s what Texas Democrats have said so far: