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Rural Texans

Democrats have always been a strong and united voice for rural Texans, and for preserving our beautiful Texan skies and endless landscapes.

Our great state is mostly rural, made up of small communities where neighbors take care of neighbors.

Texas Democrats are committed to issues that matter to our rural areas -- like water security, clean air, maintaining farm-to-market roads, and the right to own property without fear of seizure by eminent domain. We believe Texas must remain a leader in farming and ranching through active support of our family farmers and ranchers. And we believe our beautiful spaces must be preserved for future Texans.

Access to clean water is vital to life in rural Texas. We must build and improve the basic water systems through our state, providing clean water to all communities who need it while making sure it is also available to farmers and other small businesses.

It’s essential that rural Texans have access to quality healthcare, and we support programs that recruit physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to live and work in rural Texas.

All Texans need access to natural and economic resources to grow and thrive. We vow to fight on behalf of family farmers, small businesses, and all rural families to ensure a bright future for rural Texans.

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