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Texans with Disabilities

There are 54 million Americans in the United States with disabilities. More than 3 million live in Texas. Texans with disabilities are important participants in communities throughout our state.

Passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act was an historic milestone. Spearheaded by Texas’ own Justin Whitlock Dart, Jr., the ADA protects the civil rights of all with disabilities. Texas Democrats believe the state must continue to comply with the landmark legislation and strongly oppose any claim to “sovereign immunity” from the ADA.

Texas Democrats are committed to improving the quality of care for Americans with disabilities, including expansion of health care services like Medicare and Medicaid. We cherish the investments by the Obama Administration in vocational rehabilitation services to help with job training, education, and placement and increased funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

We continue to work to ensure that civil rights of Americans with disabilities are protected. We champion educational programs (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). By ensuring programs like this are well-funded, we guarantee ample resources for all beneficiaries.

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