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Texas has a proud history of patriotic service to our country and our state. Texans eagerly serve in our nation’s military, Army and Air National Guard, and in the Texas State Guard, and they deserve all of our support here at home and abroad, fighting for our freedom.

To honor the men and women who serve our country, we must fully support our heroes as they transition from military life to civilian life in Texas. We believe veterans have earned the best possible benefits America and Texas has to offer during service to our country.

The Texas Democratic Party supports a new G.I. Bill and fully-funded benefits programs for veterans. This includes jobs training and placement assistance, expanding the Hazlewood Act, and professional licensing programs, as well as the full extension of benefits to members of our armed forces wounded during service.

It’s essential that we also take care of our military families by providing benefits. Cost of living allowances, childcare assistance, counseling and job training are all important when we think of the personal price these families pay when a soldier sustains a partial or permanent disability.

And we support programs like the Texas Veterans Land Fund board, which helps Texas veterans purchase land and homes.

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