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Young Texans are the future entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders of Texas -- and it’s in the in interest of our state to help them realize their dreams. Younger Texans deserve a fair shot at success: at a good job, a quality education and a good life.

Young Texans deserve great public schools, an affordable college education, and good jobs to realize their dreams. They can then contribute to our economy and our democracy. To truly support the future of our state, we must pursue economic and education policies that ensure success for all young Texans -- no matter where they live and how much their families make.

And hard working young Texans deserve good jobs to support their families. Texas Democrats believe we must foster a information-based economy with strong small businesses. And we must improve the quality of life for all by raising the minimum wage in Texas.

A world class education system in Texas is both a moral imperative and an economic necessity. Texas Democrats fight to improve student achievement, lower dropout rates, and make sure we have the best teachers in our schools.

After high school, it’s essential that young Texans have access to affordable, quality higher education and career programs. All Texans should be able to get a college degree if they so desire, and no Texan should go so far into debt for college they they struggle just to pay the bills after finishing college.

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