·   By Emmanuel Garcia

5 Questions Rick Perry Needs to Answer

Austin, TX -- On Monday, a grand jury was sworn in to investigate if Governor Rick Perry acted improperly when he withheld money from the Travis County district attorney’s office by vetoing a  $7.5 million, two-year appropriation to the Public Integrity Unit.  [Houston Chronicle, 4/14/14]

Although Gov. Perry’s spokeswoman claims that his veto was within the power of his office, Texans have more pressing questions.

Top 5 Questions Texans Need to Know About Rick Perry’s Possible Indictment Charges:

  1. Has Rick Perry threatened anyone else’s funding?

  2. Does Rick Perry believe Texans deserve an office that investigates public corruption and insurance fraud?

  3. Does Rick Perry think it is becoming of his office to make threats and intimidate officials?

  4. Has Attorney General Greg Abbott given Rick Perry any legal advice on this matter?

  5. How will Rick Perry’s legal fees be paid?



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