August 7, 2017/Press

Democratic Cities defend Texans from Trump Republican Agenda & Republican Lt. Gov Dan Patrick ain’t happy

Austin, TX — The Democratic cities’ resistance has now earned them the ire of Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. In a recent article, Patrick claimed that city governments are responsible for “all our problems in America,” thanks to the influence of Democratic mayors and city council members. [Texas Tribune, August 4, 2017]

Today, the Austin American-Statesman reported, “It’s no secret that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick dislikes Democrats and their policies. But in a state where the GOP controls every statewide elected position and holds large majorities in both chambers of the Legislature, it can be hard for the ruling party to cast blame.” [Austin American-Statesman, August 7, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Every single day, Democratic cities are busy providing real solutions for Texas families. Meanwhile, Texas Republicans continue to waste time and taxpayer dollars on dangerous and hateful distractions.

“It’s time for Dan Patrick to focus on Texas’ economic tailspin, horrific maternal mortality rates, and public schools that are both overburdened and underfunded. Instead of pointing fingers, Patrick should be taking notes from Texas’ Democratic cities who are leading the way in job creation, and building a progressive economic agenda where everyone has a fair shot.”