DMN Editorial: Trump's Russia problem imperils his presidency, and undermines faith in America

Austin, TX -- Texas Democrats have called for independent, bipartisan, full and transparent investigations into the Trump-Russia scandal. This is bigger than Watergate and Americans deserve to know how far the Trump Administration is compromised.

While Americans demand answers, Texas Republicans have been silent. [Texas Tribune, February 15, 2017]

The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board says:

“...what we need now affirmative proof that the president of the United States has not been compromised by Russia.”


  • “It is not just Trump's credibility on the line. Lawmakers delay at the cost of their reputations. At risk, too, is Americans' faith in their own government.”

  • “Also in question is the credibility of top Republican leaders in Congress, who have shown an unexpected shyness about fully investigating the links between Russia and Trump. They must drop that tentativeness and join full strength behind sharp demands already made by Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both Republicans, and the entire Democratic leadership.”

  • “The time for putting the Republican Party first, or even the longed-for conservative policy advances the November election made possible,  has passed.”

  • “Instead, leaders — including Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, the chamber's No. 2 Republican leader and the former presidential candidate, respectively — must speak forcefully about the need for a robust, ruthlessly independent investigation into the ties between Russia and Trump and his associates.”

  • “At root, what Americans deserve to know — and know soon — is what ties Trump and his team have had over the years with Russia, and how have they influenced him as a candidate and as president.”

Read the 9 facts that lead the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board to call for “affirmative proof that the president of the United States has not been compromised by Russia.”

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