ICYMI: Will Hurd hit the road before listening to constituents

San Antonio, TX -- Republican Congressman Will Hurd is broadcasting a long road trip to Washington D.C. full with tweets and fun photo ops, but he still refuses to face his constituents. 

“Dozens of people came out in protest of the new GOP health care bill on Monday. Voters in Texas's 23rd Congressional District waved signs outside of J Prime Steakhouse, where U.S. Representative Will Hurd was holding a fundraiser. [KENS 5, March 2017]

“It was a call for democracy and more specifically, a town hall meeting.” [KSAT 12, March 2017]

Meet the Texas voters Will Hurd dodged and read their concerns 

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"As Americans, we have a right to be heard, and I'm not being heard by Mr. Hurd," Elizabeth Packer said. [KSAT 12, March 2017]

"When our government moves in a direction like that, it poses a risk to many and many of us,"  Darren Meritz said. [KENS 5, March 2017]

“Many held signs during the protest that had to do with health care. Some called the Republican Party's new replacement plan "Trumpcare." [KSAT 12, March 2017]

"If we undo the Affordable Care Act, millions and millions and millions of people will be hurt," Packer said. [KSAT 12, March 2017]

"Medicaid is a big issue. In Texas, it's a major issue right now because we didn't expand it," Steven Jennings said.[KSAT 12, March 2017] 


"It's sad to think that a lot of these people - elderly people - are not going to be able to afford healthcare," Rosey Abuabara said, one of many hoping to get Hurd’s attention. [KENS 5, March 2017]

“Él trabaja por nosotros… yo sola eh ido como cinco veces a su oficina y no eh podido hablar con el… yo llegué tome tiempo de mi vida para llegar aqui a encontrarme con el.” [Univision 41, March 2017]

“After his fundraiser, Hurd was escorted through a side door. He did not approach protestors and could not be reached for comment.” [KENS 5, March 2017] 

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