August 4, 2017/Press

ICYMI: Zombies in Houston Shed Spotlight On Keeping The ACA

CYMI: Zombies in Houston Shed Spotlight On Keeping The ACA

Houston, TX — Yesterday, protesters staged a “Zombie Walk” to appeal to keep the Affordable Care Act. “With their faces covered in splotchy zombie makeup, protesters said wanted to call attention to what they say could happen to Texans if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act.”

This week, Trump will decide whether he will withhold crucial CSR payments as part of continued effort to sabotage healthcare markets. [Houston Public Media, August 4, 2017]

Additional Background:

  • According to the Joint Economic Committee, if Senate Republicans vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement plan 2,550,000 Texans would lose their health care. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17]

  • State economies will shed jobs and take a hit to economic growth, 174,700 Texans could lose their jobs across the health care, construction, retail, and financial industries. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17]


Yesterday’s Headlines:

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Tariq Thowfeek  issued the following statement:

“Americans came together to defeat TrumpCare, but we must stay vigilant to make sure this zombie bill never comes back from the dead.

“These dangerous brain-draining Republican policies should have been buried long ago, but they keep clawing back up from the grave.

“Texas Democrats will be prepared for the zombie Trumpocalypse. Texans are organizing, making calls and knocking on doors to make it loud and clear that health care is a right, not a privilege reserved for those able to pay for it.”