Republican Dan Patrick unveils $8.5 Billion Bathroom Bill

Austin, TX -- Today, Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick unveiled SB 6, a discriminatory bathroom bill which according to a study by the Texas Association of Business could cost Texas an $8.5 billion decline in the state’s GDP and the loss of 185,000 jobs.


Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal K. Perkins issued the following statement:

The economy has already fallen from 3rd to 21st under Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, but not to be outdone, Dan Patrick now wants Texas’ economy to take another $8.5 billion dollar hit and 185,000 job loss because of his obsession with bathrooms.

“Texas cannot afford discrimination. It’s bad for business, bad for Texans, and just down right wrong.

“Texas families are working hard to make ends meet. Texans are stuck in traffic, healthcare is facing chaos, children are in overcrowded classrooms, and our economy is taking a dive.

“Texas families are doing their job and they expect everyone in government to do theirs as well. But Republicans refuse to tackle the real challenges facing our growing state.

“Texas Democrats are working on serious solutions, not wasting the people’s time on bathrooms.”



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