Republican Will Hurd is finally back in D.C. Any minute now he’ll put an end to Trump’s Wall.

Austin, TX-- It’s official, Trump’s budget has Americans picking up the $4.1 billion dollar tab to start construction on his border wall. [Huffington Post, March 16, 2017]

And that’s not all. Despite rhetoric from Republican Congressman Will Hurd and others brushing aside the possibility of the border wall being built in Big Bend National Park, the Austin-American Statesman reports, “an internal Department of Homeland Security report calls for a second phase of construction of 151 miles to include Big Bend.”  [Austin-American Statesman, March 16, 2017]

But thankfully, after dodging his constituents in San Antonio, Republican Congressman Will Hurd, who claims he’s against Trump’s Wall, is back in D.C. from his much publicized road trip. 

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Now that Republican Congressman Will Hurd is full of bipartisan love from his road trip and he knows middle class families have to foot the bill for Trump to deface Big Bend National Park, surely he will file a bill and join Democrats to stop this border wall nonsense. Any minute now.”

Watch a report from the Austin-American Statesman on how Trump’s Wall will tear through Texas’ Big Bend National Park.

Why is Big Bend in Trump’s crosshairs?

“Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Black Gap Wildlife Management Area...might make for the easiest terrain, logistically speaking, for the federal government to build a wall.”

“Much of the rest of the land bordering the Rio Grande in Texas is privately owned. Building a wall on private land requires the expensive and often lengthy process of condemnation.” [Austin-American Statesman, March 16, 2017]


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