Texas Senate Democrats First Stand: Two-Thirds Rule Fight For Every Texan to be Respected on the Floor

Austin, TX -- Today, Texas Senate Democrats forced a debate and vote on the return of the historical two-thirds rule to the Texas Senate.

Democratic Senator Royce West offered the amendment. The vote was straight down the party line. 11 Democrats demanded a fair shot and respect for every Texan, while 20 Republicans chose to ignore the voice of Texans.

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“No matter if you are black, brown, white, rural, urban, or suburban the two-thirds rule ensures that every single Texan gets a fair shot at representation on the floor of the Texas Senate.

“For 68 years, the two-thirds rule ensured that any majority can not simply ignore and disrespect any minority. In 2015, this Texas tradition was killed. Today, Trump Republicans ensured it had no chance to come back.

“It is entirely clear that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and his Trump Republicans have no respect for the diversity of Texas.

“The session has begun, and Texas Democrats will not stop fighting so that every community has a fair shot to get ahead.”


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